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What is STFi?

STFi stands for Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood and Inundation. It is a combination of events that most Fire Insurance policies in India provide financial protection from. These specific natural disasters are bundled together to form one peril

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We have extensive products to cover fire and allied perils related risks all covering the insured against any loss, destruction or damage to their insured property directly caused by an STFi event.

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In Insurance, storm refer to any kind of extreme weather that has the potential to damage the insured property. A storm implies severe atmospheric disturbance accompanied by strong winds, lightning, rains, and sometimes even hail or snow. They are a relatively common occurrence, and do not usually contribute to significant physical damage. Storm is a generic term that can refer to any phenomenon on land or on water.


Typhoons, tropical cyclones and hurricanes are similar phenomena. They are merely known by different names, but are defined similarly as tropical storms with wind speeds exceeding 119km/h. Typhoons are nothing but mature cyclones and they frequent the same locations.


Floods may be a result of heavy rains, cyclones, typhoons or heavy storms. In India, the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, among others. Policies with STFI cover any damage arising from floods or flood tides.


Inundation is usually referred to in combination with flood. It implies the overflowing of water resulting in a dry area becoming drowned or submerged. Inundation can refer to both the actual act of flooding and the result of such flooding.


A tempest is a violent windy storm, especially one with rain, hail or snow.  A fairly outdated term, it is included in the list of insured perils to expand the degree of cover and make the nature of the insured events clear to the policyholder.


A cyclone is a violent storm with very high winds rotating around a calm center of low pressure. They usually form over the South Pacific and Indian Ocean, and can cause destructive winds in excess of 280kmh, floods, storm surges and widespread damage.


A hurricane is nothing but a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean region, specifically, the countries in North and South America and some parts of Japan, China and Vietnam. Defined as storms with violent winds with a low pressure center formed over warm waters, hurricanes, tropical cyclones and typhoons and interchangeable terms and only vary depending on where they occur.

Note :

In Standard Fire and Special Perils (SFSP) Insurance, you can choose to delete coverage for STFI perils at the inception of the policy if you’re convinced of the unlikelihood of such events. A reduction in the premium rate is allowed for such a change. However, it is always recommended to have this coverage.

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