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Event Insurance Policy

What type of insurance do event organizers need?
As an event organizer there are sure to be plenty of things on your to-do list. From choosing the right venue, to selecting suppliers, to picking the best date, there is a lot to consider. One of those things that shouldn’t be forgot is event insurance

If you are planning an event, whether it’s a Corporate Conferences, Seminars, Live Concerts, Award Ceremonies, School & College Annual Functions, Wedding Ceremonies, Sports Events like Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi etc. make sure you have appropriate event insurance in place, which can help protect your event from those unforeseen circumstances and losses to your business.

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Gaming Event

> Cancellation of Event
> Material damage
> Personal Accident
> Section IV- Public Liability


What is covered under Event Insurance?

Public Liability
Liability towards third parties for any accidents resulting in injury or damage occurring at the venue of the Event, in connection with the Event, during the policy period.

Employers' Liability
Scope of Cover: Named person including Blood relation & relatives are covered against


  •    Accidental death

  •    Permanent partial Disablement

  •    Permanent Total Disablement

(Names to be declared)

Cancellation Cover
Scope of Cover: Cancellation or postponement of the Event due to:
Fire & Allied perils including Earthquake at the Venue.
Burglary & Theft at the Venue
Sudden, unexplained, unintimated failure of the Named Person (s) to appear for the Event on account of any of the following contingencies:

  • Death of such Named Person(s);

  • Personal injury, either temporary or permanent, which renders the Named Person(s) incapable of appearing at the insured event.

  • Illness resulting in hospitalization of the Named person

Equipment Cover
Scope of Cover: Direct physical loss/ damage caused to property insured due to


  •    Std. Fire & Allied Perils including Earthquake

  •    Burglary & Theft

Graphic Design Office

Cases Where you Can’t Claim Office Insurance (Exclusions)

An office insurance protects the office and its owner from various risks; however, it does not cover financial loss or damage caused to the property or employees due to reasons like:

  •     Underground work

  •     Wars and nuclear explosions

  •     Tow goods other than for sales.

  •     Mechanical or electrical breakdowns

  •     Illegal activity by the policyholder

  •     Normal wear and tear caused over time

  •     Explosions caused to pressure vessels or boiler

  •     Intentional damage caused by the policyholder

  •     Expenses on surveyors, engineers and architects

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