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What happens when there is a event of loss caused by STFi perils?

Your consultant plays an important role here...  choose wisely

Immediately inform the insurance provider either online or by calling on their 24/7 toll-free number.

Also, contact the fire brigade and the police.

Insurance company will appoint a surveyor for scrutiny of the situation.

Submit the duly filled in claim form and other proofs and photographs.

First Thing...

You must immediately inform your insurer of the damage and call an appropriate authority to contain the situation. The insurance company can reject your claim if it feels that you did not prevent further damage from occurring to the insured property.

All the necessary documents such as the duly filled claim form, copy of claim intimation, the policy and the premium receipts need to be furnished.

Help the company appointed surveyor in every manner possible, this will enable a quick settlement against the claim filed.

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You must also provide the insurer or their surveyor/investigator with registers, original invoices, bills, and books of accounts to help substantiate the amount of loss/damage, the value of damaged property prior to the loss, and the value of property that can be salvaged.

The insurance company may send their experts to assess the situation in case the cause of damage cannot be easily determined.

Save newspaper clippings where the event of loss (flood, cyclone, storm, tornado, etc.) is reported. It is advisable to take photographs, if possible, to help your claim.

The insurance company will survey the meteorological report at the time of the loss/damage to confirm the occurrence of an STFI event.

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Documents ....

Common documents required while filing fire insurance claim:

>Copy of policy document as issued by company

>Duly filled claim form

>If incident is published in newspaper then attach a copy of same

>Records of previous claims taken (if any)

>Photographs and video proofs of damages

>Report copy to fire brigade

>Forensic report (when needed)

>Final investigation report

>other relevant ownership documents as required

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Get in Touch

In case of any loss making event, fill this form or call on claim support hot line as provided along with policy document.


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