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MARINE Inland Transit Risk Cover

There are different types of marine insurance, such as:

  •     Marine Cargo insurance (relates to cover for cargo during transit)

  •     Hull insurance (relating to ships)

  •     Marine Liability insurance.

Why marine insurance is important?
Marine insurance provides comprehensive coverage by protecting your shipment from various perils such as theft and piracy, fire, explosion, natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, collisions, derailments of land conveyance, the sinking of ships apart from covering various expenses.

What is Marine Insurance?
Marine insurance is an indemnity policy under which an insurer agrees to compensate for losses or damages in consideration of the timely payment of premium. The contract of marine insurance shall cover the clause for indemnity as in no case Assured shall be allowed to make profits out of claim amount.
Marine Cargo insurance primarily covers loss during transit caused due to fire, explosion, hijacks, accidents, collisions, and overturning. We offer specially curated plans for covering the risk of theft, malicious damage, shortage, and non-delivery of goods, damages during loading and unloading, and mishandling of goods/cargo. The insured can choose the coverage based on specific business requirements. The policy is available for a variety of cargo/goods if you are dealing in or manufacturing them.

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What are the types of marine insurance?
Types of Marine Insurance policies

  • Floating Policy.

  • Voyage Policy.

  • Time Policy.

  • Mixed Policy.

  • Named Policy.

  • Port Risk Policy.

  • Fleet Policy.

  • Single Vessel Policy.

Who needs Marine Insurance?
Having this policy is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Business shipments are usually high in value and any damage can directly impact business. Whatever your reason may be for transporting your goods, our policy protects your goods against material damages

What is covered in Marine Insurance?
All the modes of transportation namely, air, water, rail & road are covered under this policy. Goods being transported via courier services are also insured.
Your goods in transit will be protected against vehicle collision, overturning, derailment, or accidents happening anywhere from the source to destination. This coverage can also be extended to loss or damage of goods due to theft, strike, riots, terrorism, and other hostile acts by human by opting for appropriate coverage as per one’s needs.

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