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Office Package Policy

An office package policy is a type of insurance policy that provides cover for any kind of mishap that can take place in an office. From fire accidents and earthquakes to break-ins and burglary, office package policy provides financial aid to the policyholder.

Office Package Policy is designed specifically for office establishments including IT & ITES Sector. The innovative endeavor brings to you the flexibility to design the policy as per your needs by allowing you to choose the covers that you may require to protect your property and manpower, all with the convenience of a single policy.
You have probably invested heavily into your business. Untoward incidents can leave you vulnerable to severe financial loss, and hence, your work premises and other infrastructure need to be protected. With office insurance, you can be stress free, as it offers a comprehensive protection plan for your office premises. This policy provides insurance for offices that include:

  • Commercial offices

  • Government offices

  • ITES and BPO Call Centre Offices

  • Office premises (Outside industrial, manufacturing, warehouse premises)

This policy gives coverage for all of its properties and assets and employees. This policy is specifically designed keeping the requirements of IT sector in mind. Flexibility of designing the policy as per your needs, allows you to choose the covers that you may require to protect your property and manpower, all with the convenience of a single policy.

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Key Benefits:


  • ​Single policy that covers most of the risks

  • Covers Electrical/Mechanical breakdown of office equipment,

  • Protection to electronic equipment and laptops covered

  • Personal Accident coverage for Employess and owner

  • Legal liabilities cover aginst third parties

  • Payment of additional rent in case you have to move to a new premise because of operation of insured peril at current premises

  • Terrorism cover available with additional premium​

The policy covers your business against:

Fire and Allied Perils Covers the structure of your business premises and contents therein, against:
- Fire
- Lightning
- Explosion/implosion
- Aircraft damage
- Riots, strikes, and malicious damage
- Storm, cyclone, typhoon, tempest, hurricane, tornado, flood and inundation
- Impact damage
- Subsidence and land-slide including rock-slide
- Bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus, and pipes
- Missile testing operations
- Leakage from automatic sprinkler installation
- Bush fire
- Earthquake (fire and shock)

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Cases Where you Can’t Claim Office Insurance (Exclusions)

An office insurance protects the office and its owner from various risks; however, it does not cover financial loss or damage caused to the property or employees due to reasons like:

  •     Underground work

  •     Wars and nuclear explosions

  •     Tow goods other than for sales.

  •     Mechanical or electrical breakdowns

  •     Illegal activity by the policyholder

  •     Normal wear and tear caused over time

  •     Explosions caused to pressure vessels or boiler

  •     Intentional damage caused by the policyholder

  •     Expenses on surveyors, engineers and architects

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